Monday 23 May 2011

SOS!! Magnolia lovers please help! Re. stamp club summer 2011

Hi All, hope you had a great weekend!!
Just wondering if anyone has any info on summer stamp club? I am confused!!!!!( I know nothing new there)!!! Lol   I ordered club and I felt sure it was due, and thought it might be related to the new sweet rainbows release, but we normally get our club stamps before release!?! I want to order stamps but don't know whats in club! is mine missing? has anyone received theirs? if not when is it due? I notice on Magnolia site they are still accepting orders!!  ooooh me is soooooo confused!!!!
Any advice or info. would be really really appreciated!!
Jacqui P xx


  1. Hi Jacqui I'm still waiting too havnt heard of anyone getting the club set yet..

    smiles Christine xx

  2. They're still accepting orders this morning :( I wish they would update their blog, but it hasn't been updated since last year?! I don't know why they bothered to switch blog sites.