Friday 6 May 2011

Hmmmm I'm a little worried!! .. and a wee bit of candy!!

Now I know we pays our money and takes our chance with the magnolia stamp club, but I have become so addicted to these little cuties that I can't risk not ordering it!! Lol!! and of course the only one I have missed in the last couple of years was the "you are so sweet!!" D'oh!!! I had to go and buy them ALL!!!   and the last few releases have been sooo very cute!!


I found this sneak peak on one of the magnolia designers blogs!!

Hmmmmm..... now what card would this be used for..... "happy birthday scruffy"... "I love you now have a bath"...."see I  told you if you don't wash you'll attract flies!!" .... Am I the only one?
I would love to hear your thoughts!! and your card suggestions
Light bulb moment!!!
I am going to give a wee candy to the funniest card suggestion!!! No mr Random thingy just whichever makes me laugh most!!!
Not a huge one, but it's just a bit of fun!
Included are some pretty organza butterflies
some metal corners
3 of my super duper swarovski decorative  pins
and a couple of swarovski charms, 1 flower, 1 AB heart
I will post worlwide just leave your funny suggestion and a comment!
Jacqui P x


  1. aww, Give us a hug, you know you want to !! :-)

    lol ,, I am with you on this one ,,,,

    Lols x x x

  2. Ha ha, great idea hun, I'll have a little think about this. Gorgeous candy, so pretty. Can't say that this Tilda floats my boat but everyone's different - be back with you soon with my suggestion! Hugs Sxx

  3. mmmmm can see what you mean.shes not the most a very pretty tilda.
    i think shes saying ........... hey whats gone wrong, i was told there was gold at the end of the rainbow!! oh well back to the workhouse.
    really can`t think what she could be used for!! :D

    xx coops xx

  4. well im just here for the candy, coz im a greedy tw*t...bollox to xx pleased i found u...well u found me but u know what i mean pmsl xx