Tuesday 8 March 2011

MISSING!!! one MOJO... Reward for safe return!!!!

I Cannae do it!!!

Please forgive the Sucky photography!!!! pics were taken at night by demented woman!!!!! ROFL
As you can see colouring isn't the issue!! Lol!!! (And this isn't all!!) But I have spent the best part of the week staring at various papers in total confusion!! Now don't get me wrong, I can't even use the "I dont have any papers to match!!!" excuse!! That would be like Imelda Marcos claiming she didn't have any shoes!!!!! but here I sit..... bald patches growing!!!.... totally clueless!!!
So if you see my MOJO anywere!! Please tell it I love it and to come home!!!!
a one step away from the men in white coats
Jacqui P xx


  1. You are already half way there with your awesome colouring. I am very impressed that you have 23 images coloured. 23!!!! Your mojo is still there - it is under your colouring pens - go look for it. Go girl!!!! Hugs Jenny B xoxo

  2. aw jacqui.i hope you find your mojo soon.just look at all those fantastic images waiting :D

    xx coops xx

  3. Har no mojo missing there girl with all those lovely images waiting to be cards look at it as batch card making in stages Luv Sue x